Outside, outside.

Thinking about diverse practice.

The idea of defining oneself as a “painter” or “print-maker” etc etc has never been a concept that I have felt the need to prescribe to as an artist. I have the great fortune of living a life that allows me to indulge in creative processes outside of my normal practice.

In all aspects of my life I get to be outdoors; whether at work, home, making in the studio or out; in the landscapes I love.

Working full time, being a parent, aspiring to a fine art career; little time is left for personal work.

That said, I make the time.


This is me work. Work for me. Not for my practice or for further development. Working to get the shot because I want it.

I was reminded of this, this weekend. I spent an amazing evening with family, friends through social media and professionals all aspiring to the same goal. A great shot of an iconic Northern landmark.

sycamore gap trail edit1



Ross Dixon you smashed this shot. Kudos to you.

Bring on the winter because I think we will all be back for more.


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