PEG – work in progress

Some idea’s blossom quickly. Others stay with us. Evolving, changing, growing. This is the case with “PEG”.

For some time now I have been thinking about a public participation work for the Lake District National Park. While still in development, the framework of the idea is there. PEG seeks to explore personal understandings of the sublime in the environment of the English Lakes.

Concept PEG – Windermere Reflections 2014

In 1778 Thomas West published the first guidebook to the Lakes. This was the beginning of the picturesque movement and in the guide West suggests ‘stations’ or specific viewpoints that the scenery could be best appreciated from. Many of these stations still exist today, one being Claife Heights on Windermere. Tourists and artists flocked to these stations, West’s guide was spotlighting the wonder of this wilderness and paved the way for creativity in our outdoors that still  holds true today.

Understanding and appreciating the beauty of the landscapes on your doorstep is now commonplace. There are whole shelves in book stores dedicated to guidebooks & photo-books, not only for the Lakes but every county & shire in the British Isles.

However, I am not interested in this. I am interested in perhaps what is not in the books, or on TripAdvisor or Google.

PEG invites participants to share their own personal favourite stations, a viewpoint that draws them back and captures their imagination. The project is aims to actively encourage people to engage with the landscape. Move through it. Explore.

For more information or if you would like to get involved contact:


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