Rainy days / remembering

Yesterday was sunny. We [the family of three] joined friends to create a moment, a memory. Gathering together we made a visual record of how we all are, now, most of us parents.

Parent is a strange word in my mouth. I have become one and yet the label isn’t me, or more realistically, isn’t all of me. Sitting on the grass with our babies I spoke to a friend: “did you imagine we would be here, doing this, a year ago?” She replied no. And we truly didn’t, but yesterday was a wonderful day.

Where am I going with this line of thought? Well I’ve been remembering and I’m not the only one. My twin sister, another artist, posted a link on Facebook recently that Newcastles Laing Art gallery will host an exhibition of works by Leonardo da Vinci next year. This had prompted a family reminiscence, of a visit to the artists home in France when my sister and I were small.


Our parents gave us the most wonderful experiences growing up. We saw and did the most fantastic things. We went walking, fishing & even out late one school night to watch the Perseid meteor shower. We visited ancient monuments, beautiful gardens and dramatic castles. We looked at art wherever we went and listened to music all the while.

Why am I remembering all this? Because I am looking forward. I cannot wait to share all of this with my daughter.

Thanks Mum & Dad [I have a lot to live up to].

NB: on the subject of being an artist & a mother, I truly believe one does not diminish the other, just the opposite in fact. Artist / mother, one will inform the other.



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