Lay of the Land

sky is endless possibility
Late night thoughts from Loweswater Bothy

This is a blog about an artist, how she gets wet in the pursuit of art and the things she makes [or wants to].

As an artist I write a lot. This in itself is not unusual. I love langauge, or more accurately; what I think of as languages. How people communicate what they’re interested in.

My interest is landscape [the blog titles give it away]. My work is an expression of my own and others ideas. Through the layering of languages: visual, statistical and descriptive, my work aspires to present a broader interpretation for the viewer. My hope is that it doesn’t end there though. I want a dialogue.

So I am working on a project. The idea is that the viewer is not merely a witness to the work. For PEG to come alive it needs the viewer to make an action. As I said, it’s a work in progress, so for now information on it is going to be limited. But here are a few words that are important for the project.

Inception / illumination / involvement / public / imagining / viewpoint / seeing & sharing.


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